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Ed Camp was born in Iowa in 1959. In 1978 he traveled to Hawaii to study at Hawaii Loa College where he was chosen for individual instruction by Dr. William V. Brace, the Biological Illustrator for the LA Times for over 30 years. After graduating from College with a degree in Art he became involved in the Environmental Art Movement, popularized in Hawaii by Robert Lyn Nelson, Christian Riese Lassen, Wyland and others. He painted in oils and acrylics. Created "miniature masterpieces" on mother of pearl and he mastered air brush, always with the adventuresome spirit of his art.

Camp returned to the mainland in 1987 broadening his horizons to include more temperate wildlife. Always, though, his return to the tropics was inevitable.  Camp set out for the Central American coast in 1992, and settled on Utila, a small island twenty miles off the coast of Honduras.  There Camp became seriously involved in scuba diving, a logical adjunct to his artistic endeavors and created Honduras' first underwater habitat and several other inventions.

While on Utila, Camp's hyper-realistic style of painting has truly blossomed.  Ed Camp now lives an idyllic life on Utila, where he divides his time between diving the reefs using his customized dive gear and underwater habitat, sight seeing on his kayak and interpreting nature's splendor in his work using "layer upon layer of translucent color in the style of the old masters utilizing airbrush and meticulous detail." In his work as in his life, Camp's style is uniquely his own. While the influence of his early mentors is indeed evident in his art, Camp truly exceeds and transcends all labels!
These original paintings and the new release of his first edition limited edition of signed and numbered lithographs entitled "Pumpkin Hill" will enable Camp to reach an even larger number of collectors and investors.
For more information on Camp's work and the opportunity to acquire original paintings and graphics see Contacts